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The hunt begins

Who we are

Indie game developer

Dark Passenger is a polish, warsaw-based game development studio. Our team is made of gamedev veterans and fresh blood specialists. We’ve gathered our experience in production of titles like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077. In the last 5 years, as a RealTime Warriors CGI studio we’ve made hundreds of animations, cinematic sequences, characters and worlds for many Indie and AAA games.

Our long-term support of the gamedev industry inevitably led us to production of our own, original project, which is currently in its first production stage. When making our first game, we’re focused on creating engaging experiences and stories. We’re building a captivating, dark world full of mysteries, extraordinary characters and tense conflicts that are consuming the Land of the Cherry Blossom.

Kim jesteśmy

On-line action game

On-line Multiplayer
Unreal Engine 5

Our goal is to create highly exciting on-line experiences that are focused both on cooperation and rivalry. We’re fascinated by interpersonal interactions, alliances, daring confrontations and unexpected twists of events. In order to make every game unique and surprising, we’re using advanced, procedural solutions. While the goal will be the same for all players, every time achieving it will require a different approach, tactics and taken routes.

Our locomotion system will allow players to perform incredible evolutions such as running on arrows that were fired by other players, fast climbing on vertical surfaces with the use of shuko claws or using yari spear like a pole to jump over obstacles.

Among many weapons in the players arsenal, there will be katanas, short tanto and wakizashi blades, kusarigama chains, shurikens, kunai throwing knives and many more. Engaging close ranged combat will demand as much dexterity as tactics and close cooperation with teammates. 

Advanced system of customization will allow players to create unique characters and modify their weapons and equipment to their liking. They’ll also be able to create their own Dojo - a personal space where they can invite friends for training combat and movement.


The world

Feudal Japan in the shadow of terror

The troubled time has come in the Land of the Cherry Blossom when nameless conquerors overthrow the ruling shogun and took over his throne. Everyone who dared to oppose him, not only failed but also, against their will, joined his ranks. While the army of the usurper grows stronger, his actions are being carefully watched by the cunning lords of the world of shadows. In order to learn the origin and motives of the aggressor, the secret houses of the assassins are sending their warriors to find the artifacts of his belonging that conceal extraordinary power.

Taking the role of the shinobi and kunoichi warriors, players will face akolites of the usurper but also other assassins that are hunting for the same finds.
While traversing these dark lands, players characters will jump over city rooftops, hide underneath the floors of wooden huts, climb on the pagodas or sneak through shrines and temples. Vertical design of the terrain will open unlimited possibilities of movement and dynamic weather will surprise them with sudden rain, strong, dusty wind or dense mists.

Players will encounter many social classes, ranging from simple villagers and beggars to high born townspeople and samurai. However their goal is to remain unseen and be always vigilant in the face of threats that may be lurking on them from all sides.




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