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Stationary or remote work
Private health care
Flexible working hours and holidays
Attractive salary

What we are like

Our studio is located in Warsaw next to the Bródnowski Forest. We value the closeness of nature and good architecture. We have always tried to create comfortable, stress-free working conditions, and an atmosphere conducive to creative thinking. We are not a factory and we do not treat our employees as laborers. We appreciate the initiative and the ambitious approach to the project. We are open to bold ideas and solutions. We are constantly developing our team by investing in its education and access to many sources of knowledge and inspiration.

We create a prejudice-free environment based on tolerance, support and understanding. We treat individual needs as seriously as the group's expectations. We provide all amenities, private medical care and paid overtime. With an emphasis on work-life balance, we offer flexible working hours and holidays. We enable both stationary and remote work.

We are looking for creative people, open to challenges and problems that come with the production of games every day. We want everyone to bring a piece of themselves to the project, making it so much better. At the same time, to appreciate this commitment, all team members will participate in 10% of the income generated from the sale of the published game.



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